Creatine 500

1 for $15
2 for $25
100 servings

Creatine Monohydrate has been the number one single selling sports supplement and it revived the entire industry several years ago for a very good reason – it works! Creatine makes you stronger, bigger, and you breeze through what was once considered a hard workout.

How does it work?
Creatine’s main function is increasing your levels of ATP (the intercellular energy supply),thus powering your workouts to new heights, helping you lift more pounds per rep and get more reps per set. Creatine also pulls water into the muscle giving you a fuller,harder and bigger looking muscle. Due to this water transfer it is extremely critical that you drink more water to eliminate the potential for muscle cramping. Due to this additional water you will gain scale weight so if you are a slave to lowering your weight on the scale (most women fall into this category) you probably won’t be happy with your results from Creatine. Creatine also buffers the lactic acid inside the muscle. It is the formation of lactic acid in the muscle that creates the burn that often makes us stop our set. Creatines’ acid buffering action helps you work the muscle harder during each set of your workout and will help to relieve post workout soreness too!

I must warn you about two things to look for when buying Creatine Monohydrate.

Warning #1- make sure your Creatine is manufactured in Germany or the United States. Some of the low priced brands either use the Chinese Creatine garbage outright or mix it in because Chinese Creatine is extremely cheap. Know your sources! Don’t buy our Creatine only because it is cheap, the fact is you are not buying cheap Creatine at a cheap retail price, you are buying top grade Creatine at true wholesale and there is a big difference between the two!

Warning #2 – don’t fall for all the overhyped – “magic in a bottle” – liquid Creatine bullshit. Creatine Monohydrate has not yet been developed to be shelf stable in any liquid form – period, end of discussion. Just because a manufacturer puts Creatine in liquid, in the bottle, doesn’t mean you get Creatine from the liquid, when you finally consume it months later. For example think of a helium balloon. I can fill the balloon with say 2 pounds of helium. The first few hours that balloon will float to the ceiling. Now lets look at the balloon in about 6 months (the normal time a product will sit before it is consumed). The same balloon probably looks like a raisin about now. Helium is not shelf stable in the balloon, just like Creatine is not stable in liquid. Yet you paid for what they put into the liquid Creatine, not what you actually got out of the bottle. Another scam is Creatine loaded with sugar to induce an insulin spike, yes this insulin spike does benefit your Creatine absorption however, they don’t tell you that protein also raises insulin levels, therefore mix your Creatine in with your post-workout protein shake. One serving of our pure Creatine will cost you about 15 cents. The leading brand premixed with sugar (one company is now buying advertorials four to five pages long) will cost you about $2.75 for each serving. That means for the additional 75 grams of dextrose you just paid $2.45 over what you would have paid using our pure Creatine. Do the math and you will discover that you pay about $15 for each and every pound of sugar! When they can buy sugar in bulk for about 20 cents a pound and sell it for over $15 a pound they can afford to buy a lot of advertising!

Get smart, get better results and mix your Creatine in your shakes. If you take Creatine twice a day, like I do you will save a ton of money and even better, lower your daily caloric intake by 600 a day! Most of us are trying to look leaner not fatter. If you are trying to get lean do you know you would have to perform cardio for over an hour each day to burn up the extra 600 calories that you overpaid $5 for? I don’t know about you but I don’t have an extra hour a day to kill just so some company can get rich selling me sugar at ridiculously high prices. Just remember that in all the high priced fancy sounding formulas it is the Pure Creatine monohydrate that is making it work. Get the same results for about $75 a month less and try our pure Creatine monohydrate!