Mojo Slammer

6 lbs.

$2.50 each
Sold in Cases of 24 ($60)

Our completely new Mojo Slammer meal replacement is off the hook! We developed an entirely new protein matrix of super fast digesting whey isolate and whey concentrate, slow digesting glutamine-rich calcium caseinate, and to balance out the amino acid profile to insure maximum muscle growth we added top notch egg white and milk isolate with some rockin’ flavors and real coffee - enough to crank up the caffeine to 100 milligrams per serving! Mojo Slammer is easily the most addictive substance since crack was introduced in the 90’s. I can’t even begin to describe how really damn delicious Mojo Slammer is! I am up to 3 shakes a day and I find myself watching the clock to see how much time till my next shake - no joke! It mixes up so smooth and leaves such a good taste in your mouth that we have chefs looking at us with respect now! Order these up and don’t be shy because if you only order a couple, you are going to be pissed you don't have more - really! Available in quick shots and 6 pound tubs so order up and get ready to jack up your energy levels while increasing your protein intake big time.

After tasting it at the 2004 Olympia, both GNC and are in negotiations with us to have exclusive distribution rights to Mojo Slammer and unless you are already in our system as a current customer as of May 1,2005 - you may have to buy your Mojo from them at full retail price so don't delay and order today!!