Pure Gro Protein

30 Servings, 4 lbs

Quick Shot
Sold in Cases of 24 ($48)

Pure Gro MRP is nutritionally complete, offering 33 grams per serving of 5 different quality proteins that offer a more balanced total amino acid profile, along with a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and a moderately low amount carbs that will elicit a low glycemic response.

Recently we significantly improved Pure Gro by significant upgrades in protein sources. For example we added a hydrolyzed whey isolate that is over 90% protein, and upgraded to a soy isolate, then modified the ratios of all 5 individual protein sources to greatly expand the digestion time allowing you to have a constant stream of released amino acids for a longer period of time. I would put Pure Gro up against any MRP formula on the market today.

When you compare the formula, nutritional
profile, and taste, Pure Gro kicks ass—period! If you are the type of athlete who needs to see a paid, bloated, and drug injected non-functioning “athlete” holding a can of your MRP for you to make your buying decision, then my friend – we are not your company. Why is a blend of proteins best? They offer a more balanced total amino acid profile. The common mistake of using a “straight whey protein” supplement as a meal replacement is wrong. Why? Whey proteins’ derivatives are fine for adding “only protein” to your diet, but frankly alone they are a very poor choice for a meal replacement. Why? Protein is important, but total nutrition does not stop at just consuming enough protein! Hell common sense tells us that a protein rich steak, by itself, is not considered a well balanced meal. In fact “straight whey’s” don’t have carbs, vitamins, or dietary fiber. Another reason is that in all the ads you see telling you how great whey protein is, they base this superiority on the sole fact that whey is more rapidly digested than other protein sources. Using this logic, is 20 pounds of newspaper better than 20 pounds of oak for a campfire, just because the newspaper burns faster? Not always is faster better (just ask your wife or girlfriend) and in fact there is only one time of the day that faster protein digestion is indeed better, and that is immediately after training. That is why we included hydrolyzed whey isolate, the fastest digesting whey protein available, in Pure Gro. The rest of the day it has been proven that you need a protein to digest slowly so you have a constant stream of amino acids available for muscle repair and growth. Additionally you will find that using a “straight whey” as a meal replacement leaves you very hungry, very soon after having a shake. This is due to the rapid digestion. Here is another little nugget of information. Pure Gro is sensibly low in carbs, because we don’t buy into the present fad of the radically low carb diet being mass-marketed today. Why? Because we have experienced radically low carb diets for ourselves when preparing for bodybuilding competitions and we know you can’t function or think very well on these diets. Are you concerned about consuming enough of the essential amino acid glutamine? Each 60 gram serving delivers you 3.2 grams of glutamine per serving. FYI – 5 grams of straight glutamine alone will cost anywhere from 40 to 65 cents! A whole Pure Gro shake costs you only a buck! Hell you can’t eat a junk food meal for a buck!

We package Pure Gro in a four-pound bulk container for savings and to allow you to adjust your serving size & nutritional goals. Think about it, all the weights in the gym are adjustable, your meal replacement serving size should be too! Speaking of gyms, by switching to Pure Gro many people save enough to pay for their gym memberships!

New for our customers who need a portable non-refrigerated meal replacement shake handy at any time—check out our new Quick Shot single serves. They are handy and extremely convenient. Keep a couple in your gym bag or car just in case, for those times when sh*t happens and you need something to eat quick. It is less expensive and better for you than anything you will find in a convenience store at probably twice the price! The facts, not the hype, prove Pure Gro is a great value.