Pyruvate 500 mg - 90 caplet bottle

Pyruvate research has shown it works by magnifying the inter-cellular burning of calories and works by guiding the body to prioritize stored fat for fuel instead of breaking down lean muscle tissue for fuel. We have also learned that long distance runners and cyclists really like Pyruvate because of this. This is vitally important to people who are dieting and exercising vigorously. The basic undisputed fact of true, honest to goodness, long-term fat loss is that you must have a daily caloric deficit. In other word you have to consume less calories (thru controlled eating) than you expend (thru physical activity). Anyone who tries to sell you anything that claims you will legitimately lose bodyfat by any other means is flat out ripping you off. When your body is faced with this caloric deficit it must make up these already spent calories in one of two ways: #1– Breaking down and literally feeding on lean muscle tissue. Your hard earned muscle will literally disappear if your body chooses this way to make up for the calories. You may have seen people like this who have been exercising and dieting correctly but their bodies are utilizing the wrong fuel source and then they begin to look soft and flabby, not healthy and toned.

#2 - Burning stored bodyfat as fuel to make up for the daily calorie deficit. This is what you want for long term and true fat loss. This is what makes you look better in the mirror. By using pyruvate, your body will prioritize the burning of stored bodyfat instead of lean muscle tissue to make up your daily caloric deficit. Prices have leveled out substantially on Pyruvate and even though you must consume a lot (3-5 grams, or 6 to 10 of our caplets) daily, I believe it is now one of the best bang for the buck supplements. If you want to magnify your fat loss efforts substantially, or are having a hard time losing that last bit of abdominal fat, supplementing with Pyruvate may get you the results you want. You will also feel extra energy in the gym or when performing cardio due to utilizing an abundant and very concentrated fuel source - bodyfat!

Pyruvate increases your endurance for your total workout, like creatine increases your endurance in each set. Creatine and Pyruvate make a powerfull team!