Here is some information about who the hell we are. We thought you would like to know the faces behind the voice and after you see our faces, I am sure you will be thankful for the web and the telephone!

Edward F Gaccetta

Company president and founder of C.A.L. in 1995. Prior to starting C.A.L. he was a personal trainer for more than 4 years and has spent more than 20 years in the nutrition, health and fitness industry. He has won several major amateur bodybuilding titles throughout the state of Colorado including Mr. Mile High, Mr. Northern Colorado, and the 1989 Mr. Colorado title.

Ed remains remarkably lean and could win a bodybuilding show almost any given day, and his remarkably high level of vascularity shocks people when they first meet him. His training intensity is incredible and he trains that way all the time. His experience in training and nutrition has been honed over the years and he still pulls training routines out of his “vault” every now and then that can make a grown man cry. He enjoys inflicting pain into training partners as frequently as possible. Even Superman gave up trying to keep up with Ed and now old Clark Kent just does spinning classes on Mondays and pilates on Thursdays with Lois Lane.

Rich Schneider

Head of the MuscleQuest-911 division, I have hit the weights for well over 20 years and have seen, consumed, and tried just about every supplement out there getting “ripped off” most of the way. From “Hot Stuff”, predigested amino acids, liver pills, wheat germ oil, to cheap andros, I tried them all. Starting with sand filled plastic weights purchased in 1973, I finally earned first place in the 1996 “Rocky Mountain” and fifth place in the 1998 Jr USA bodybuilding competitions.

I have been to numerous Olympia’s, Arnolds, and USA’s over the years, as well as annual nutrition industry conferences to research supplements firsth and and meet the scientists behind them.

My priorities are to bring you safe and truly effective nutritional products without the false hype and training guidance that makes sense. I “talk the talk” and “walk the walk” so to speak and train consistently living the lifestyle that I preach and every now & then I am brave enough to train with Ed but regret it for the next 2 days!